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Johann Quisumbing – your virtual tour guide

Every two or three years, my church would organize a Holy Land trip led by our Pastor. I always get enthusiastic and excited when the organizers promote the next trip by showing videos & pictures, telling stories of their last successful trip. Then, those friends and church members who signed up to go would make plans & discuss what they will see, feel and eat when they get there. I am ashamed to admit that I do feel a little envious of them because I knew that again I could not go with them.

Many cannot afford to go to Israel and tour the sites of the Bible. Some, like myself, are unable to travel due to health problems. So, we are left to wait for them to send postcards of their adventure which is nice. However, I would have loved to see where Jesus himself walked and make some kind of connection. Fortunately, the Lord had given me a way to connect vicariously with the help of technology and an active imagination.

For years, I have been a vicarious* tourist of the world without leaving the comforts of my bed. I travel using the online programs Google Maps / Google Earth.

[*vicariousexperienced or realized through imaginative or sympathetic participation in the experience of another]

I have enjoyed visiting numerous country sides, cities and towns of several countries. I may have not been there physically, but with a little imagination I was as good as there. I especially include my the time exploring the Holy Land. It’s kinda funny, but I believe that in my virtual tour, I visited more sites than those who actually visited there. I don’t mind telling all of you that finding these biblical sites even though I was only there vicariously was to me quite enriching. So, I wanted to see if I can guide other people to what I discovered and see how they react.

During the last Christmas Season, I invited my small discipleship group and my niece with their respective kids to join me on a virtual Christmas tour of discovery. We went to see where the angel Gabriel visited and gave good news Zechariah & Mary. We went from the northern region of Galilee down to the hillsides of Bethlehem where the angel appeared to the shepherds. We went as far as Egypt where the infant Jesus was carried to… away from Herod’s murderous clutches. I also brought them to the ruins of Babylon to illustrate where the magi may have come from. Because they were able to navigate the different locales using Google Maps/Street View controls, they expressed enjoyment like as if they were there themselves.

Well, Holy Week is at hand and I have it in mind to set up a way for others to either…

[1] join me in an even more extensive guided tour of the sites of the Bible as me as your tour guide via ZOOM…


[2] to go touring on their own using itinerary guide modules that I will provide here in my website.

But before we can go ahead with our tour, I am sure that many of you don’t know how to implement Google Maps or Google Earth. So, I encourage you to watch the video below. Then spend some time to experiment and practice… practice… practice.

Youtube have other extensive videos on this subject, feel free to search them out.

Well, I’m assuming that you have learned how to use Google Maps with it’s Street View functions. Let’s go touring!

6 Itinerary Modules

Google Maps Tour of the Bible will be organized into 6 itinerary modules.

1 – Following the footsteps of the Patriarchs

In this first module, we look into the sites described in the Old Testament where the patriarchs of old walked. We’ll start in the land of Ur or modern day Iraq where Abraham originally hailed from and end at the Nile delta of Goshen where Jacob brought his entire family to save them from a draught.

2 – A Walk through the Wilderness

The second module will trace the footsteps of Moses leading his people out of bondage of Egypt. One of the things we will look at are the two possible crossing points of the Red Sea and locations of Mt Sinai. We will also look at the wilderness where the tribes of Israel wandered for 40 years.

3 – The Feet of the Judges

In the third module, we will visit the sites where the Judges walked. We will see where Gideon defeated an army of 10 thousand with just 300 men; where God used one man to humble the Philistines; and how the Ark of the Covenant was captured.

4 – The Way of Kings & the Prophets

In the fourth module, we will visit the sites where the Kings & the Prophets . We will see where David slew Goliath; where Elijah confronted 400 Baal priests; and where Solomon gained his great wisdom.

5 – Walking the footsteps of Jesus

In the fifth module, let us go see where Jesus went fishing with his disciples; where he gave the Sermon on the Mount; where he changed water into wine; and also see the garden where he sweated blood. We will also walk around a large model replica of the city of Jerusalem when Herod ruled. Because Jesus covered a lot of ground, Module 5 is divided into 2 parts.

Module 5 – Walking the footsteps of Jesus Part 1 – You will visit where Jesus ministered in north country of Galilee.

Module 5a Walking the footsteps of Jesus Part 2 – You will visit the sites mostly in Jerusalem during Jesus’ final days.

6 – Trailing the Acts of the Holy Spirit

In the sixth and final module, we will follow where the Holy Spirit led the disciples from Judea to Turkey, Greece and eventually all the way to Rome. Some of the places we will see are where the Apostle John wrote Revelation; where Jesus’ mother eventually lived in her old age; where Jesus caused Saul to be blind on the road to Damascus; and much more.

About the Guided Tours:

Guided tours will be conducted via ZOOM.

Each module session may run up to 1.5 hours (max 2 hours).

Viewing of Google Map links will work better on Laptops/Desktops.

— Cell phone viewing is possible, however keep in mind that you will be navigating on 2-3 open windows.

To join guided tours, contact Rhon Bautista, head librarian of Union Church of Manila


Holy Week Tour:

[* Manila time]

  • Module 1 April 9 Saturday – 2pm*
  • Module 2April 9 Saturday 5pm*
  • Module 3April 10 Sunday 2pm*
  • Module 4April 10 Sunday 5pm*
  • Module 5April 13 Wednesday 5pm*
  • Module 5a – April 14 Thursday 5pm*
  • Module 6April 23 Saturday 5pm*

If you want to schedule other group guided tours, please contact Rhon Bautista – or scan the QR Code below.

Click on QR code image to Register

If you want to send me a message then click CONTACT ME.


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