His Voice from the Cross #6

by J. Quisumbing

Guard duty can be quite tedious at most times thought the Praetorian especially when he is tasked to watch over anyone who is not the emperor. However, for the past few days, he and his squad of men were ordered to guard a most unusual man who came from the farthest eastern part of the empire. This man is from a strange people that only had one god. There was a small population of them in the poorest quarter of the city of Rome. Except for this man, he had very little interaction with them.

What made this man interesting to the Praetorian was that though this man was scheduled to be executed, he chose to spend his last hours spinning an incredible tale to him. Chained to the Praetorian, he told him of how the son of this one God made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. Then, how he purposely became a prisoner condemned to die on a cross.*

[* Philippians 2:6-8]

This man was a master storyteller. He captured the Praetorian’s imagination by transporting him back in time to that hill with three crosses. He watched the prisoner suffer cruelly more than any other condemned on a cross. He could see his battered body; his face swollen from a beating; his back shredded by a scourging; and a crown of inch-long thorns driven painfully into his scalp. With all that had happened to him, he glimpsed the true heart of the son of this one God when he pleaded for forgiveness even when those that caused him pain deserved divine punishment (Luke 23:34). Afterwhich, he learned a lesson of grace poured out through faith, when the prisoner reassured the thief who hung on another cross that he will be with him in paradise (Luke 23:43). The Praetorian was even touched by the prisoner’s concern for his mother’s earthly needs when he entrusted her well being to his disciple’s responsibility (John 19:26-27).

The storyteller then brings his tale to the final moments. In the darkest hours of his suffering, the prisoner cried out with a loud voice inquiring why God his father had forsaken him (Matthew 27:46). The Praetorian asked if the prisoner was regretting his choices and was casting blame to the one God. The storyteller explained that the words uttered was him calling out for all to hear that prophecy was being fulfilled here. He explained that everything that the prisoner went through was planned by the one God.

He thirsted and was given a vile drink of vinegar and gall. After which he declared that it was finished (John 19:30).

The Praetorian asked, “what did he mean?”

The storyteller explained that what was finished was not only the prisoner’s earthly life, not only his suffering and dying, not only the payment for sin and the redemption of the world—but the very reason and purpose he came to earth was finished. His final act of obedience was complete as is according to the Scriptures.

“Afterwhich,” said the storyteller, “the prisoner looked up at the sky, then said…

‘Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.’

Luke 23:46

…And with those words he breathed his last.”

The storyteller’s head slumped forward on his chest. The Praetorian thought he fell asleep. As he gazed at the storyteller’s slumped head, his mind raced. Somehow, he was not satisfied with what he thought was an unsatisfactory end of the story. How can a God of justice doom His son to death? It made no sense to him. Then the storyteller spoke while his head was still slumped.

“Praetorian, I can guess what you are thinking,” he said. “When the prisoner spoke his last words, he showed his complete trust in his Father. You see, he set foot into death in the same way he lived each day of his life, offering up his life as the perfect sacrifice and placing himself in God’s hands. He knew with certainty that he will not be left in the grave.”

“How?” asked the Praetorian.

The storyteller’s head came up smiling. “He knew it because it was written in our Scriptures. ‘For thou wilt not leave my soul in Sheol (hell); neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption.’** And sure enough, on the third day, He rose from the dead!”

[** Psalm 16:10]

“Three days! What happened to him during that time?”

“It is not easy to comprehend. Do you recall the story of Lazarus and the rich man? (Luke 16:19-31)”

The Praetorian nodded though he didn’t really understand its significance.

“That place where all dead go is called Sheol. You know it as Hades. It is written that during those three days, he went and released those who were in Abraham’s bossom. He called it paradise which was a place of comfort and rest for those that lived by faith in the old days since Adam to the thief who died on the cross beside him. After he resurrected, he eventually ascended to heaven and brought them (the ransomed dead) with him, so that now paradise is no longer down near the place of torment, but is up in the third heaven, the highest heaven, where God dwells. There, they wait and look forward to when he returns again not as Savior but as Judge to make the world right forever.” (2 Corinthians 12:2–4)

“Storyteller, I desire to be with him… with him who gave his life for me and for all of us. What do I need to do?”

He smiled and said, “You are already doing it. You have listened attentively to the story and already believed (Romans 10:17). And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him (Hebrews 11:6). Eternal life is yours because you believe.”

Then, they both heard voices approach the chamber they were in.

“Praetorian. My time is very close. Soon, I will be taken from here and my life will be poured out like a drink offering. You need more understanding. Go! Seek out other believers and learn from them God’s words and be blessed.”

The doors opened and other guards entered to lead the storyteller away. As they were almost out the door, the Praetorian asked, “Storyteller, what was the prisoner’s name?”

The storyteller smiled and said, “His name is…”


And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among mankind by which we must be saved. [Acts 4:12]

For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself as a ransom for all, the testimony given at the proper time. [1 Timothy 2:6]

Author’s Note:

We finish my tale on His Voice from the Cross. This 6 part story, though creatively written, was based on the Bible accounts on Jesus Christ’s last few hours on the cross. The first 5 parts were from first hand perspectives but then I chose that the 6th part be from the perspective of a Roman guard hearing about Jesus’ story some 40-50 years after the crucifixion event.

The storyteller, by the way, is my imagined character of Paul who biblically shared the Gospel to his Praetorian guards even while chained to them.

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A Fictional Series by J Quisumbing


‘It is good to be home,’ thought Jona Quimby.

He had arrived from the states and had boarded a large chopper which was revving up it tandem rotors at a private hanger across from the domestic airport of Manila, Philippines.

The chopper is a CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter formerly purchased from the United States Navy by his organization. The usually sparse interior was decked out with a number of comfortable airline seats good for 18 passengers leaving a large space at the rear for cargo which was being loaded with different sized crates.

“Jona? How the heck did you get this navy chopper?” asked his companion as he stowed his bags in an upper compartment.

His name is Tony Hallbright, a marine biologist Jona met at a scientific symposium he attended at Seattle, Washington. Tony was young and was only 2 years in his field. From out of more than twenty experienced marine biologists Jona met with, he chose Tony because he was the most eager and not hampered with the traditional habits.

Jona smiled at him and said, “I have a friend in congress, a retired admiral, who believes in our project.”

“So, where are we flying to now?”

“Well, we’ll fly for about 3 hours going southeast to the Pacific side of Luzon,” Jona said, “… to a protective bay called San Sebastian in the province of Bicol.”

Tony was speedily typing out San Sebastian Bay Bicol on his search engine of his smart phone.

“Aha, is this it?”

Tony showed him a Google map satelite image of the bay on his phone. Jona gave him the thumbs up.

“Relax for a while, Tony. I have to talk to the pilot.”

Jona entered the cockpit to where the pilot and the co-pilot were going over their checklist.

Maj. Jerome Roque was a retired pilot of the Philippine Air Force. Jona first met him some ten years ago during the Marawi City conflict. Jona was a marine officer on a reconnoiter mission about five blocks deep into the city. He and his six man squad were on top of a seven storey structure when he noticed an OV-10 Bronco, an airforce twin prop plane diving straight at them. Jona was rivetted as he traced the trajectory of a single bomb drop. He thought they were dead and he so wanted to punch out that pilot’s lights. But the bomb by passed the building they were in and impacted into a structure across the street from them which to his surprise flushed out a great number of insurgents. Weeks later, he met that same pilot, a Captain Roque at that time, and they became close friends after that.

“Hi Jer, kumusta?” (‘how are things?’)

“You sure took your time getting back,” said Jer as he turned to face him. “You were supposed to be back a month ago.”

“I had to stay a little bit longer,” said Jona. “Our backers wanted a more extensive report and they also took their time to put a delegation together.”

“Another inspection? Don’t they know we launch in a couple of days?”

“They wanted to be there for it. This deligation is going to be with us a long while.”

Jer rolled his eyes up, shaking his head. “Well, I pray they don’t turn this into some kind of publicized stunt.”

“Don’t worry, Jer. Our backers like ourselves do not want to attract too much attention.”

“So, Jona? Who are in this delegation? Is that young guy back there, one of them?”

“No,” Jona snickered. “He’s a young enthusiastic marine biologist I picked up at Seattle.”

“Young? How experienced is he?”

“Well, he’s a little green…”

“What?!” Jer smirked. “Oho ho ho ho… Mae is going to kill you. She is expecting a more experienced guy.”

Jona smiled impishly. Jer’s face lit up with understanding. Laughing out loud, he got up out of his seat. “I’m just going to have a peek.” He peered through the cockpit door at Tony Hallbright then quickly sat back down in his seat, chuckling. “She’s going to have him for breakfast. As for you… you better get off and catch a plane back to the states.”

“Ha ha ha! Very funny.”

(To be continued…)

Note from the author:
Oceanus Adventure is a fun effort on my part to enter the wonderful world of creative writing. It’s a story of a group of people who launched themselves into the Pacific Ocean on an artificial island to solve the Great Pacific garbage patch. My hopes is that this will end up into a TV series.

Comments and idea suggestions will be most welcomed. I hope you enjoy.


THE PROMISE OF LIFE – Site of the Tomb, Emmaus, Galilee

It had been twenty days now and yet no other word of Jesus had reached Cornelius. He had heard that Jesus made an appearance twice to the Eleven disciples. He also heard that they retreated to Galilee. So, Cornelius decided to ride to Galilee alone, while Cestus was to take Jacob and Trax to Bethany.

Cornelius went to the one place that he thought he would find Jesus. It was dark when rode to the same copse of trees which was the campsite they used when Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount. But there was no campsite. There was no tent and camp fire. There was no one about. He sighed and walked up the hill to same place he and Jesus talked that first time. Under the stars, Cornelius stood on the top of that hill that overlooked the glistening water of the Sea of Galilee praying to see Jesus.

“Cornelius,” a voice said his name from behind.

He quickly turned around to find Jesus standing there. His face was not the same ordinary face. It was clean and had no marks or scars at all. His face looked majestic and there was a glow in it. In fact, his whole body emminated a soft glowing nimbus of light.

Cornelius went down on his knee and said, “My Lord.”

“Well met, Cornelius. My Father in Heaven is well pleased with you. Come, sit with me.”

When he sat by him there was no more glow about him.

“I know your heart’s desire, Cornelius. You wish to accompany me. I tell you that where I go, no man can come until I again return. For now, you must abide your time for a little while until you receive that I promised you. There are many things that must happen. The first of which will be unto those Chosen few who believed unto me. Then your time will come. For now, maintain your faith.

“One other favor, I ask. At the time of the Pentecost, send Jacob, your tutor, to be with my disciples and watch the will of my Father take fruit. Then you too will join in to reap the harvest.

“Fare well, Cornelius.”


The story continues on in my next post.

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THE PROMISE OF LIFE – Site of the Tomb, Emmaus, Galilee

Waiting has always been nerve wracking for Cornelius especially when he knows that something fantastic is going to happen on the third day. He has been staying at Emmaus since they buried him. After the Sabbath, he heard news from one of the disciples named Cleopas who lived in the village of Emmaus. Cleopas had some news for him. He told him that Judas Iscariot was dead. The story is that he hung himself but the branch which held him broke and his body fell into a ravine and burst open. Cornelius was sorry to hear this.

Other news was at the time of that incredible downpour and lightning storm, something incredible occurred at the Temple. The Veil, the thick curtain that separated the Most Holy Place from the other part of the Temple was torn from top to bottom. The High Priest and the other priests panicked into hysterics. Cornelius estimated that the Veil tearing occurred exactly at the same time Jesus died. In his mind, he knew the timing was no coincidence and also that this was no random event. No natural phenomenon could ever rip a three inch thick curtain from top to bottom. It was God who did it. The only question to consider is what does it mean? Something to talk about to Jacob on another time.

“I have word from Simon,” Cleopas said. “Those of us who scattered that night, have managed to get back together at the upper room where they had their last supper with him. Also Andrew and James found Peter at the banks of the Jordan not too far from Jericho. Simon said that the chief priests are still looking for them. But they have many friends who are willing to hide them. Simon said be wary of them. That is all there is.”

“Thank you, Cleopas. I was hungry for news.”

“Centurion? What is to become of us? We really thought he was the one.”

Cornelius sympathized with him. He would not know of the prophesy that Jesus will rise again. Jesus only revealed that to his closest companions.

“Have faith, Cleopas. Things have a way of turning good.”

The story continues on in my next post.

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THE HARDEST CHOICE – GolgothaCG-book-cover-w

Cornelius ordered his men to stay out of sight. He and Cestus took up positions where they have a clear sight of where the lane intersected the street. The street itself was a gradual slope going up. The street itself was not level but were actually steps. There were a number of people looking down hill that had their backs on them. By the sound of the crescendo of the people’s voices, they both could tell that the forward elements were close.

Cornelius was unusually anxious for some reason. Normally, when he makes a decision he focuses on the task. But right now, he is on edge. In his mind, memories of his time with Jesus would crawl its way up to the forefront of his thoughts.

He was back on the tall hill overlooking a moonlit glistening of the Sea of Galilee.

“When Moses told the people, ‘Thus saith the Lord, that if they want to live from the deadly snake bites, all they have to do was look at the bronze snake on a pole and they will live,’ what do you think was the real reason they lived? Was the idol of the bronze snake magical? Some would think so, but they will be surprised that believing that will not save them. So, tell me Cornelius, what really saved them?”

“They were saved because they believed the message… the promise of God… and they acted on it.”

“That Cornelius is faith.”

“Sir… the front guards,” whispered Cestus.

Cornelius came back to the present. He saw the crowd being pushed back by the front elements. Then when the the first prisoner came in sight. To Cornelius everything seem to slow down.

This time he found himself hearing Jesus saying to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan; for you are not setting your mind in God’s interests, but man’s.”

This is when Jesus revealed, “The Son of Man must suffer many things, and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised up on the third day.”

Then the words of Isaiah came floating up.

But the LORD was pleased to crush Him, putting Him to grief… [Isaiah 53:10a]
But the LORD has caused the iniquity of us all to fall on Him. [Isaiah 53:6b]

It hit Cornelius like a splash of cold water to sober him up so that he can remember that God had intended this to happen to Jesus.

But He was pierced through for our transgressions,
He was crushed for our iniquities;
The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him,
And by His scourging we are healed.     [Isaiah 53:5]

Jesus has given himself over to pay for our sins.

If he saved Jesus from the cross, would he not be, Jesus said, guilty of him not setting his mind in God’s interests, but man’s? He has to act in faith. But what is it that he putting his faith on? Then the words of Jesus came forefront again.

“The Son of Man must suffer many things, and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised up on the third day.”

“I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me will live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.”

Then it hit him. Jesus will die but he will be resurrected on the third day. His task is to believe in this and let everything happen as God intended.


The story continues on in my next post.

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THE HARDEST CHOICE – GolgothaCG-book-cover-w

“What are your orders, sir?” Cestus asked with no hesitation.

“Thank you, Cestus. How many men can we count on?”

“Four, they were with us in Spain.”

“That makes six of us. That should be enough to hit the guards and pull Jesus away. We have to do this quick. By the looks of it down there, we have twenty minutes before they start the procession through the city. They will bring him through the city to the Northwest gate and crucify him on the hill of Golgotha. They will use the straightest way through. We have to hit them on the narrowest street on their route and I know where. You get the men and meet me at the portal gate that leads to the North wall. Now, go.”

Cornelius wished he had time to send word to Jacob or even to the Lady Pheobe who he so wanted to spend more time with. But then it would be better to stay far away, since he will soon be branded as mutineers and deserters.

When he and his men got onto the city wall, they watched as the procession was already on the move. Twenty Praetorian guards were assigned to this task. Ten lead the way, making a path through the compacted crowd. After them, two other prisoners were also driven by three guards. Each prisoner carried on their a thick length of plank lumber. Their hands bound tightly on the ends of the planks. The next was Jesus who was burdened under the weight of an entire cross. The length was a little less than double of his height. Jesus had to carry the crossed part on his shoulder as the tail end dragged behind. Cornelius eyes teared as he thought on how that righteous man would have to tortuously carry that roughly hewn cross on his already bloody torn back. Too add to the insult, two soldiers with whips stayed close to him to keep him moving. This gruesome scene drove Cornelius on, to do what he had to do. So, the six of them, armed only with swords jogged for about a mile and half of the city wall. The Roman soldiers that manned the walls and towers of the city did not suspect anything of what they intended and because of his rank they were not challenged.

When they reached the third watch tower, Cornelius led them down unto the city street. They then sprinted into a maze of tightly packed houses. Cornelius figured that they should take the narrow lanes that went West until they intercept the main route the procession is taking. As they sprinted through these lanes, any persons they ran into would quickly retreat back into their homes. Then Cornelius slowed down his men when he heard just ahead the noise of the crowd. The lane they were on had a bend that right. Cornelius halted his men and peered right on the bend. The lane they were intercepted the right street of the procession which have yet reach them. But he could hear by the crowd’s reaction that the forward guards clearing the way were close.

He turned to his men and said, “What we are about to do is mutiny. We will all be branded as deserters and traitors. That means death by hanging. If any of you want to back down, do so now. No shame will be placed upon you by me.”

The men responded by bringing their swords outs. They were with him. Cornelius nodded his gratitude. Then he laid out his plan for them. As soon as Jesus came into sight, they will strike the three or four guards guarding him. Two of them will have to carry Jesus to safety because of his weakened state. With the lane they were on was very narrow, two or three of them can delay any counter attack by the Praetorian who were no match against hardened veterans. The plan was to carry Jesus to the North tower which was currently garrisoned by Flavius and other veterans from the Spanish campaigns. Cornelius, the mutineers and Jesus will have to hide there until nightfall. Then they will try to find their way to the free cities.

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THE TRIAL – JerusalemCG-book-cover-w

Cornelius angrily shouted, “ENOUGH!” Then he and Cestus pushed and tossed those men away from him. “What is going on here?! This man was suppose to be flogged. Not maimed close to death!”

Bragga, who was in the shadows watching it all, came forward. “Cornelius… Cornelius, why are you upset? He is just another Jew. The men were just having a little fun.”

Cornelius was closely examining the crown of thorns and saw no way to just pull it off without causing more trauma.

“Well, bring the prisoner top side. The Governor is waiting,” Bragga ordered. As soldiers dragged Jesus to his feet, Cornelius was about to follow when Bragga stopped him. “You are ordered by Tribune Marcianus not to be present.”

Cornelius so wanted to be there and plead more with Governor. They instead raced to the Northwest tower where they can view the proceedings from a side narrow vertical aperture called an arrow slit. They arrived just they were bringing out Jesus and the other prisoner Barabbas. When Pilate saw Jesus’ grisly condition, he cast his eyes toward Bragga in disgust. All Bragga did was shrug.

The crowd was murmuring but Cornelius could not tell whether they were angry or not. Pilate stood and gestured to Jesus.

“You brought this man to me as one who incites the people to rebellion, and behold, having examined Him before you, I have found no guilt in this man regarding the charges which you make against Him. No, nor has Herod, for he sent Him back to us; and behold, nothing deserving death has been done by Him. So, I had him flogged.”

The crowd, coaxed by the priests, were shouting back their protest. The High Priest shouted that this man declared himself king which is against Roman Law. Others chanted out that there is no other king but Caesar. Some shouted out, ‘If you release this Man, you are no friend of Caesar; everyone who makes himself out to be a king opposes Caesar.’ Some of the Jewish leadership started to threaten that the Senate will hear of this. Cornelius could tell that Pilate was wavering to their threats. He raised his hand for silence.

“It is in the tradition that a prisoner will be released on the Passover. Here is Jesus of Nazareth who you say called himself the King of the Jews. There is Barabbas, a known brigand and murderer…”

Before he could finish, the crowd started to chant, ‘crucify him and release Barabbas!’

Pilate pleaded, “But this man is with no guilt. I cannot have his blood on me.”

The priests and the crowd called out, ‘let his blood be on us… crucify him! crucify him!’

Pilate shook his head in resignation. His servant brought to him a basin and a decanter. The servant poured the water as Pilate washed his hands. He announces out to the crowd, “I wash my hands of this.” He gave orders to hand Jesus over for execution and have Barabbas released.

Cornelius softly said to Cestus, “I have made a decision… I am going to save him from the cross.”


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THE TRIAL – JerusalemCG-book-cover-w

As Cornelius grudgingly climbed the steps to his quarters, he saw Jesus being led underground. Cornelius, however, did not go to his quarters. He ended up knocking on Lady Pheobe’s door instead. It was Trax who answered.

“Hello boy. Is the Lady in?”

“Yes, sir. She’s been expecting you.”

Cornelius was led to where the Lady Pheobe was being served by Jacob.

“My Lady, forgive my intrusion.”

“No, Cornelius. Jacob, Trax and I were concerned for you. You must be tired.”

“My Lady, I am a little tired. But that is nothing with what Jesus is going through below. My Lady, I fear for his life. Can the Lady Procula intervene with the Governor?”

“She did try. Last night, she had a disturbing dream of him. She wrote a note to her husband to have nothing to do with that righteous man. She pleaded for his release.”

“That is something, anyway. I pray that all Jesus will get is just a flogging. He’ll heal from that. But I fear the Governor is being pressured to execute him because of the political weight the priesthood have with the Senate.”

He stayed with the Lady for about thirty minutes when there was desperate knocking on her doors. Cestus quickly entered with disgust written on his face.

“Sir, you must come down and stop those Praetorian scums before they kill him.”

Both men rushed down to the lower levels, where Cornelius was faced with a grisly sight. Jesus was sitting slightly bowed being mocked by a handful of men. The grisly part was that Jesus’ back was grossly torn to a bloody shreds. His face was swollen and bloody with a deep cut over his right brow. But that was not the worst part. Someone fashioned a crown of thorns that were about one inch long. The crown was probably pounded into his head because the thorns were dug in half way. Blood was gushing from his scalp down his face. His face was unrecognizable. The soldiers started to laugh wildly as one of them roughly placed Herod’s purple robe on him and started declaring “Hail, King of the Jews.”


The story continues on in my next post.

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THE TRIAL – JerusalemCG-book-cover-w

Back at the antechamber, Pilate was reading a note when they entered with Jesus dressed in a royal robe.

“So, Herod made no judgment call and is leaving it all to me.” Raising the note up, he said, “Even my wife says that I should not get involved with him. Bring him closer.”

They brought Jesus closer to him.

“So, tell me, Jesus of Nazareth, are you truly the Kings of the Jews?

Jesus spoke softly, “May I ask? Is this your own question, or did others tell you about Me?”

“I am not a Jew, am I?” Pilate retorted. “Your very own people and the priests brought you to me for trial. Why? What have you done?”

“My kingdom is not of this world,” Jesus answered. “If My kingdom were of this world, then My servants would be fighting so that I would not be handed over to the Jews; but as it is, My kingdom is not of this realm.”

“So you are a king?”

Jesus responded, “You say I am a king. Actually, I was born and came into the world to testify to the truth. All who love the truth recognize that what I say is true.”

“What is truth?” Pilate asked rhetorically.  [italics – John 18:33-38]

Then he stood up and they all started for the gate. Again the trumpets blared. Pilot took his place on the gilded throne.

“The Tetrarch Herod had made no judgment on this man. For myself, I find that this man had not warranted death. However, for the sake of peace and order, I am ordering that he be flogged.”

The High Priest and his followers demanded more. They moved among the crowd and riled them to chant. Though many knew not what they were chanting for. Meanwhile, Cornelius was protesting to the Governor about the flogging.

But then the Governor turned on him, saying, “Enough Centurion! You are losing your perspective. I think you are too close to this. Be content he is just being flogged. Now, you go to your quarters and stay there. Dismissed!” To Marcianus, he ordered, “After the flogging, have him brought back and also have Barabbas brought here as well.”


The story continues on in my next post.

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THE TRIAL – JerusalemCG-book-cover-w

Then Caiaphas stepped forward and called out, “Hail to you, oh glorious Governor. We have brought before you a man who we found misleading our nation and forbidding to pay taxes to Caesar, and a blasphemer of our God by saying that he himself is King.”

Pilate then asks, “Why do you not take Him yourselves, and judge Him according to your law?”

Caiaphas answered, “By your own declaration, we are not permitted to put anyone to death by our tradition. We demand that you execute him as is according to Roman justice.”

“Priest! By Roman justice I find this man is not guilty because he has angered your God.”

“But Governor, this man stirs up the people, teaching all over Judea, starting from Galilee even as far as this place.”

“Hold! Is this man from Galilee? Well, well priest. You have brought him to the wrong court. He is under the jurisdiction of the Tetrarch Herod Antipas. Fortunately for you, he is here now as our guest. We will do you the favor by sending this man to him. Let him decide.”

“But, sir,” Cornelius said in protest. But Pilate raised his hand for silence. Leaving no room for silence.

Bragga pushed Jesus toward the gate escorted by eight of Bragga’s men. Cornelius took his leave and followed with Cestus in tow. They went up two levels and entered the Northeast tower. They entered a large room. Herod Antipas was there enjoying his breakfast on a well laid table of food. He was festively surrounded by his people. When Herod saw Jesus, he was extremely pleased.

“So, you are Jesus! I have been so wanting to see you for a very long time. I heard you once called me a fox, but you are the fox. I have sent many men to hunt you down, but you have managed to elude them every time. And now you are here before me at last!”

He laughed gleefully and started to clap. His people started to clap as well.

“You know, my father so wanted to get his hands on you, especially since he missed killing you thirty years ago. I remember how he and my brother gloated so much on how they were so clever to kill all those children to make sure prophesy did not come to pass. Well, the joke was on them. God struck them down and now, you are here before me. So come, Jesus, show me a sign. Do a miracle.”

Cornelius watched helplessly as Herod and his lackies pelted him with questions and demands to see some magic for twenty minutes. But Jesus just stood there and stayed silent. Finally, Herod who was obviously drunk mocked Jesus about being King of the Jews. He called for his robe made from some kind of deep purple silky material told them clothed him with it. Then they bowed mockingly to him until Herod tired of the sport and so had him returned to Pilate.


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