How the donation money is going to be spent

Someone asked, “how is the donation money going to be spent?”

Switch It VersaGuide 2.pngBecause my hands/arms don’t work, I need to use chin controls. I found the VersaGuide EZ Light-touch compact proportional control from [pls refer to image]. This controller with a mount that goes around a user’s neck is about $2000.

For an electric wheelchair, I needed one that had more stability [preferably something that will not easily topple backward] than a four wheel chair. I found 1 possibility – the Quickie Pulse 6 Mid Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair which is about $5000.

Quickie Pulse 6.png

The balance of the donations will cover (hopefully) shipping costs to the Philippines.

Of course, I am still canvassing for better prices.

If you are willing to help me go mobile, please click on link below.

Again, I greatly appreciate everyone’s donation especially since I feel I am not that deserving of it. Thank you again.


Quadriplegic needs mobility


I am partially paralyzed and bedridden. In October 2015, I was admitted into the hospital because of incredible pain in my lower extremities and loss of motor functions. The doctors said my spine was being compressed. I underwent three difficult spinal chord operations and was in the hospital for four months. Though the operation was successful, the damage to my spine had still rendered me quadriparetic which means muscle weakness affecting all four limbs. Add this with my post polio condition, I am essentially stuck in bed. But I have a great desire to be independently mobile. Unfortunately, I am without health insurance, so, I essentially need to raise money for a chin controller and a safe electric wheelchair. Fortunately, my sister told me about and started a campaign. (link below)

As a people person, I cannot socialize and do business until I get out of bed and get out there with everybody. So, I pray you could help me gain back my mobility and some independence.

Thank you very much.

Ebook in Amazon

CG-book-cover-wCornelius Metellus is a Roman Centurion who is a veteran of the conflicts in Spain. He had been in countless battles and the experience had caused him to search for deeper meaning in life. That search will lead him to arrive in First Century Palestine with several cohorts of legionaries under the command of Governor Pontus Pilate. He is given a special assignment to establish a spy network to gather intelligence on the insurgent activity in the region. Eventually, he will investige Jesus of Nazareth as a possible insurgent against Roman rule. As he closely follow this wandering rabbi and miracle worker, he is led down a spiritual path of Discovery and Faith.