A short story by JQuisumbing


“How are we not complete?” asked the old cart driver.

“Well, it’s something that I had heard based on their holy scrolls,” Elpida said.

“So, tell me what you learned.”

“This is what I understand. First, the God of the Jews is the one and only true God that created all things including mankind. This is according to their holy scrolls which was written by their greatest prophet, Moses. It was written that mankind was created in God’s image.”

“Image? You mean… ah… that we all look like their God?”

“Well, not exactly. You recall that I mentioned the old Jewish couple. Well, the old man, his name was Levi by the way… he used to be a synagogue teacher. And he explained that God is not a physical being with two arms, a head and so on. He is spirit while we are not. However, those qualities in us that separate us from animals is what is in the one God and He put them in all of us.”

“Ah… I think I understand… well, a little anyway. Please continue, Elpida.”

“Anyway, since mankind was made in His image, according to Levi, mankind was suppose to live a good life with Him in eternity.”

“A good life in eternity, you say. Well, my life is somewhat good but it is hard… even harder. I mean even yours is harder. So, what went wrong?”

“They sinned against their Creator. They were given a commandment but they eventually failed to keep it for one reason or another. And it was because of that one sin that we today are still paying for it. But that is not all. We are all destined for a place even worse than Hades… a fiery place of eternal despair.”

“Worse than Hades, you say. What could be worse than Hades?”

“I know not. But I myself would not want to end up there.”

“Mmm… and this messiah… this savior can save us from eternal damnation? How?”

“I do not know, but I am determined to find out.”

To be continued…

Author’s note:

Though this short story is basically fiction, the character of Elpida is based on an actual female personality described in Mark 7. She was a gentile who showed great faith.

There are many such characters in the Bible, many of them were not named at all, but yet there are worthy stories to tell about them. With the help of some sanctified imagination and some artistic license, I felt their stories should be told especially of their faithful encounters with Jesus Christ.

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