A Fictional Series by J Quisumbing

Chapter 9 continued

Tess could not help being a little pleased inside as she worked her way up to the bow. Reaching the prow, her face was sprayed with cold salt water as the bow easily sliced through twenty-foot swells. She was reminded on absolutely how much she loved to sail. Then her radio squacked into life.

“Chrystal blue… Chrystal blue, come in, Chrystal blue! How do you read? Over.”

She recognized Robby’s voice. “Rapper, this is Chrystal blue, you’re coming in loud and clear.”

“Hey blue, is that you on the prow doing that ‘Titanic’ scene again?” he snickered.

She glanced back at Oceanus and asked, “Where are you Rob… I mean Rapper, over?”

“Look for my blue strobe.”

Amidst all the other lights of the tall superstructure, a sharp blue light was blinking away about halfway up the tall structure. Tess knew that Robby was radioing her from the observation platform where there were several telescopes mounted on the railing.

“Hi mommy!” shouted a kid’s voice in the radio.

“Guess who’s looking at you right now?”, said Robby.

“What is Larissa doing up so early?”

“She woke up looking for you and didn’t want to go back to bed. How are things out there? …especially with you know who?”

“She’s back there puking away,” she said laughing. He was laughing too.

“I hope she can do her job.”

“Well, that’s why I’m here.” Tess then spots Alicia struggling to make her way up forward. “Oh, she’s coming forward.”

“Okay, enjoy yourself out there. We’ll see you tonight, Rapper out.”

“Chrystal blue, out.” Tess waved her arm back and forth imagining her daughter on her tip toes peeking through the telescope waving back.

“… this boat was actually built by our Badjau captain,” said the admiral to Alicia. Behind her was a cameraman shooting away and a soundman was crouched down holding a boom & microphone. “He actually googled the design of a Malibu Outrigger after seeing some of my old Hawaiian vacation photos and built it in just 2 months.”

“Did the US government fund his building project?”

“Oh, we wanted to, but Ito Ito had it in his mind to build it on his own. So, he took the wood framings of two of his own 30 footer bancas and reframed it into this baby. He had intended that his boat should slice through 30 foot waves like a knife. So, he needed a material that was sleek. Jona… that is, Director Quimby offered him ‘Plasteen’.”

“Plasteen? What is Plasteen?” asked Alicia.

The admiral got down on his knees and slapped the side of the hull. “Plastic skin… produced only in Oceanus.”

To be continued…


Note from the author:
Oceanus Adventure is a fun effort on my part to enter the wonderful world of creative writing. It’s a story of a group of people who launched themselves into the Pacific Ocean on an artificial island to solve the Great Pacific garbage patch. My hopes is that this will end up into a TV series.

Comments and idea suggestions will be most welcomed. I hope you enjoy.

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