A Fictional Series by J Quisumbing

Chapter 7 continued

They crossed the lagoon on a skiff to the starboard ring; to a floating protrusion constructed by the Bajao. The mall, in actuality, were makeshift stalls set up every night by the enterprising Bajao. There were a variety of shops selling from home made crafts to food stuffs.

Kina was munching on a barbecued cuttle fish on a stick as she weaved her way through people enjoying their shopping and haggling. So far, the sea gypsies she met does not seem to have any motives to sabotage this project. She liked them.

“This is my school!” said Bree.

It was a domed structure just like the residences except that it was open. Bree led her in. Where there should have been kids’ desks, a number of long tables were laid out ladened with products. One in particular had several baskets of fresh fruits by Bree’s brother, Bryce. A camera crew was videotaping him as spoke into a microphone.

“Yes, this is the third crop of fruits that I harvested on my aquaponic system,” Bryce said proudly. He picked up a basket of lemons to show it at the camera. “Do you see these lemons? This basket is about 60 pounds. It is about half of what I harvested from a single tree and we have seven trees. With my aquaponic watering system, the growing time from flowering to harvest is about 3-4 months. We’re going to have fresh fruit practically all year round.”

“Cut!” said the cameraman. “Okay, Alicia would want to get some shots of the greenhouse, tomorrow.”

“Sure thing,” Bryce said.

“I’ll take the whole basket,” Bree jokingly said.

“Sorry, sis. Cooky already reserved these for her lemon cakes.”

“Bryce, you know Laura hates it when you call her Cooky.”

“Why do you call her Cooky?” asked Kina.

“Oh yeah, this is Kina, my new roommate.”

“Hello…” said Bryce shaking her hand. “Are you Filipino?”


“Oh, cool. Aloha…”

“Aloha, back.”

“Bryce calls Laura ‘Cooky’ because she’s not exactly a good cook, but she does try,” Bree said.

“Who is this Laura, exactly?”

“Oh, she’s the wife of the skipper of the Belinda,” Bryce said. “Now ask me what her job is?” He asked mischieviously.

“Okay, what?”

“She’s the cook!”

An hour later, back at her quarters, Kina was studying the dossiers of Diego and Laura Kostas.

To be continued…


Note from the author:
Oceanus Adventure is a fun effort on my part to enter the wonderful world of creative writing. It’s a story of a group of people who launched themselves into the Pacific Ocean on an artificial island to solve the Great Pacific garbage patch. My hopes is that this will end up into a TV series.

Comments and idea suggestions will be most welcomed. I hope you enjoy.


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