A Fictional Series by J Quisumbing

Chapter 3 continued…

The night sky was clear but Hallbright was not paying too much attention. He was leaning against balcony railings holding a cold brew appreciating Alicia’s tightly-fitted dress. She was blabbing about something but that too he was not paying attention.


Alicia was not a happy gal. She was wearing a hot red number in the hope to drive Robby a little crazy. When she and Hallbright arrived at the reception, she was smugly smiling, when she spotted him across the crowded room talking to a member of the Philippine Senate. Her smiled disappeared not because of who he was talking to, but because he had his hand on the shoulders of his wife who happened to be her close college friend. Of course, when she left for the states, they lost track of each other. But still… she was a little livid. She avoided them through out the dinner.


Ito Ito was not feeling comfortable. He had never gone to a fancy dinner party before. Oh, he and his wife had eaten with Sir Jona and Ma’am Mae several times but there he was allowed to eat with his hands. But here in this formal setting, he felt out of place. At least, his wife was taught by Ms. Bree on how eat properly. For himself, he was starving.

Then, a hand was on his shoulder. When he looked up, it was Sir Jona looking down at him with a knowing smile.

“Don’t worry, my old friend. Go to the kitchen and eat something before you starve. I know you want to get out of here. I’ll see you tomorrow. We have a big day.”


“Ladies and gentlemen,” Admiral Harris was tapping his champagne glass to get everyone’s attention. “About 18 years ago, this boisterous upstart of a filipino came to me one day that he had a viable plan to sweep up the Pacific and he put up the argument that the United States of America should put up some of the money.” There was laughter all around.

“He stood before congress and the former US President Trump not with another conservation argument. No, no, no… His argument was that there was a great fortune floating in the Pacific waiting for someone to pick it. He was tenacious! So tenacious, that in just 1 year he had me and my committee convinced. Of course, he was not satisfied with gaining support from the most powerful nation in the world. He had the audacity to also go to the Prime Minister of Japan and made them realize that most of that plastic junk in the Pacific was theirs.” People were laughing at this including representatives of Japan who knew that the Admiral was jesting.

“Well, here we are! Oceanus is Jona’s brainchild. And I have to say, that I have no regrets supporting this venture, not because it may be profitable or that we are saving the planet. Nope! I am here… we are all here… because of this man and… his audacity.” There was clapping all around.

Jona then stood up and waited for everyone to settle down. He glanced down on his watch and then raised his hand for attention.

“An hour ago, Oceanus had hoisted up it’s anchors is now drifting on the outgoing tide. At midnight, our 2 tugs will attach themselves on the opposite sides of the perimeter rings. Once attached and rigged for towing, we will engage our thrusters and maneuver ourselves out of San Miguel Bay. By late tomorrow, we hope to be way out of the bay and 30 miles to the east to catch the Pacific current. Meanwhile, folks. Those of you who are guests please stay and enjoy yourselves here at the commons. In the morning, there will be a boat to take you back to land. Thank you again for being with us.”

There was all around clapping as Jona started to move toward the exit shaking hands with the visitors.

To be continued…


Note from the author:
Oceanus Adventure is a fun effort on my part to enter the wonderful world of creative writing. It’s a story of a group of people who launched themselves into the Pacific Ocean on an artificial island to solve the Great Pacific garbage patch. My hopes is that this will end up into a TV series.

Comments and idea suggestions will be most welcomed. I hope you enjoy.


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