A Fictional Series by J Quisumbing

CHAPTER 1 continued…

Major Roque navigated the chopper by mostly hugging the eastern coast of Luzon with the Pacific to their left. Two and half hours later, they were over the Bicol Natural Reserve. It was suggested that he give the passengers a more dramatic approach. So, Maj. Roque dove the chopper to treetop level. From the back, he heard someone yell out, “heee hawww”!

Then looming in front of him was the forested mountain range of the reserve. He turns on the PA systems and said, “Buckle up and tighten your belts, people. This is going to be a fun ride.”

Jona tightened his belt. “Here we go again, Admiral. Jer knows I hate this part.”

To keep from throwing up, he locked his eyes out the window. Fortunately, he was sitting next to the Admiral who had the larger domed window with fantastic vantage view of the scenery. The chopper wound its way up and down deep forested ravines.

“Oh yeah,” whooped Hallbright. “This is better than the rollercoaster at Six Flags.”

Jona tightened his grip on his chair, then asked the Admiral, “Do you think the pilot can perform a roll in a twin rotor chopper this size?”

The Admiral laughed out loud and sympathetically tapped Jona’s white knuckled hand.

“Sir, the last ridge is coming up,” said the co-pilot.

“Ah right.” Maj. Roque clicked on the PA system. “Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed the ride? We are making our approach to our destination in 20 minutes. Ms. Buenaventura, you can activate your cameras at this time.”

The chopper climbed to an altidude where the passengers can get a grand view of the San Miguel Bay. The bay’s width is about 20 miles at it’s widest running from west to east. It’s length, from the mouth of the bay going south, is about 25 miles. The bay encompasses the provinces of Camarines Norte to the west and Camarines Sur on the south and east.

The voice of the pilot came on again on the PA system. “If you look out the port side, that is the left side, you can see where we’re landing.”

Alicia had control of one of the cameras and was sitting just behind Admiral Harris’ seat. So, besides her own portal, she can just stand and pan her camera out his bigger window.

“There she is, Admiral, at the center of the bay,” Jona said.

Alicia pointed her camera to where Jona indicated. She was slowly panning right, trying to keep the camera steady against the aircraft’s vibration still not seeing nothing but sea and the distant coast of the bay which was a little blurred. Then she stopped panning when she spotted something green. She adjusted the focus and zoomed in. At first, she thought she was eyeing an island. But there was something strange about it. Then she realized that it was not just an ordinary island. Though it had vegetation, it seemed artificial.

“Jona, is that island…?”

“…Floating? Yes!” Jona stood and faced everyone. “Folks… welcome to Oceanus!”

To be continued…


Note from the author:
Oceanus Adventure is a fun effort on my part to enter the wonderful world of creative writing. It’s a story of a group of people who launched themselves into the Pacific Ocean on an artificial island to solve the Great Pacific garbage patch. My hopes is that this will end up into a TV series.

Comments and idea suggestions will be most welcomed. I hope you enjoy.


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