A NIGHT OF REGRETS – JerusalemCG-book-cover-w

“If Temple guards have Jesus, they’ll hold him in a cell at the other end of the Temple,” Cornelius said more to himself. He turned to Cestus and said, “Cestus, you get six of our men, full armor and weapons. Wait for me at the Temple portal gate, South tower.”

Cornelius brought Jacob and Trax to the Lady Pheobe’s quarters. He knocks at her door and did not have long to wait. It was the Lady Pheobe waiting for him expectantly.

“My Lady, thank you for your assistance. May Jacob and Trax stay with you?”

“Of course, Cornelius.”

“I must be off.”

“Be well.”

Cornelius rushed to the South-West tower of the fortress where Cestus waited with six of his men. Putting on his helmet, he and his men went through the portal gate that led to the North West corner of the Temple battlement walkway. They had to go to the other end of the Temple Mount. Cornelius figured it was about a third of a mile away which they can jog it in less than ten minutes. Along the way, Temple guards stood at their posts and dared not interfere with the Romans. When they reached the Southern buildings, they went down two flights of stairs and waylaid a patrolling squad of guards to demand where they held the Nazarene. The guards expressed no knowledge of this. Then Cornelius spotted a group of four men coming in through the gate. One of them had a big blood stain on his tunic but no visible wound. Cornelius angrily grabbed him and shoved him against the wall.

“Who’s blood is this?”

“It… it’s mine.”

“Tell me… Tell me what happened?”

“We went to the garden following the lead of one of the Nazarene’s closest disciple. We caught them unaware. They were sleeping except him. I and my companion were tasked by the High Priest to bind him but then I was attacked. My ear was cut off. There was so much blood and the pain… the pain was so unbearable until… until there was no more pain. I opened my eyes to find that the Nazarene’s hand was cupped over my ear which was whole again. He healed me even after all that.”

“Where is he?”

“I don’t know. After he healed me, I didn’t want to partake anymore.”

“What did the High Priest intend?”

“A trial tonight. He has reconvened those members who are loyal to him and find the Nazarene guilty. They intend to have him killed.”


“I don’t know.”

Cornelius figured that they’re probably holding the trial in one of the great halls in the ancient city of David where the Sanhedrin usually met. They quickly descended the Southern stairs that brought them to the base of the Temple Mount unto a grand plaza.

The story continues on in my next post.

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