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The entourage entered the Eastern gate of the Temple Mount base after crossing a narrow bridge that spanned the Kidron Creek. They followed three winding ramps up until went through another gate. Jesus dismounted and James tied off the animals. Then they climbed a set of stairs unto the Eastern wing of Solomon’s Colonnade. Already Cornelius could hear the sounds of selling and bartering. As they emerged from among the columns, the temple court was an unattractive scene of a busy marketplace.

Cornelius looked over at Jesus and saw him actually composed. Peter was whispering in his ears, probably trying to talk him from doing what he did the last time. Jesus turned his head toward the Temple complex where a group of priests were already watching him. Jesus then looked at him and smiled ever so slightly. Cornelius knew he was going to do something drastic.

Jesus pulled up his sleeves and stepped over to the nearest money changer’s table and started to tip it over. Coins scattered everywhere and the money-changer scrambled after them. He went next to a peddler of birds and tore into the soft baskets releasing the birds that took flight. He turns over more tables then turned his attention on breaking the pens that held the animals and drive the corrupt merchants away. All the while he was causing chaos, he was directing these very same words he used before at the growing gatherings of priests.

“My House shall be a House of Prayer,’ but you have made it a Den of Thieves.”

A squad of Temple guards were dispatched to arrest him but were thwarted by an excited and ever so growing crowds that surrounded Jesus hailing him the son of David. As the dust settled, Jesus went back up the steps of the collonade and sat down to teach the people. He taught until early evening and retired back to Bethany.

The story continues on in my next post.

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