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Jacob stood up and started to slowly pace the floor. “There is much to absorb on what you said. The traditional Jew in me is cringing on some of your concept but I do find it intriguing, maybe because I have lived for so long away from the local prejudices. If Jesus is going to offer himself as the guilt offering then there can only be two questions to ask, how and when?”

“For the when, it may be a long way off, for Jesus may still have much to do to usher in the kingdom. I pray he will be an old man by then. As to the how, I believe I may know how. But I would rather not discuss it now. I have to find Jesus. You and two of our men take one of the smaller wagons and meet me at Bethany at the house of Simon the Leper. I will take Cestus with me and ride ahead. Bring enough supplies for three days and if the lad wants to come, bring him along.”

On the rode halfway to Bethany, they slowed their horses down to a canter. Cornelius was not paying too much attention to his surroundings. He had been thinking on the how question. He is convinced that sometime in Jesus’ future he will be crucified. He recalled him mentioning how the Son of Man would be lifted up and even specified the cross to his disciples. Crucifixions are Rome’s answer to dissension. It is not just an instrument of death but agonizing torture. He had seen hundreds of crucifixions in Spain so much so that he does not pay too much attention to them nor the crying pleas for a quick death. He had reasoned that they all deserved it.

When they sighted Jerusalem, they were on the road that led to the North West gate of the city. About a quarter of a mile from the gate was a fork on the road. Just off the road was a large rocky knoll the shape of which looked like a sunken skull. Cornelius looked at the top of the knoll and saw two roughly hewn poles sticking up from the ground. This would be an ideal location to execute punishment, he thought. It was high up and in sight from the city and the busy traffic on this road. As he looked at the empty poles, he shook his head thinking that this was no kind of execution for Jesus. In the back of his mind, he would not allow it. He would rather plunge his sword into him, in honor, rather than see him tortured on the cross.

They took the left fork which led them to another road that skirted the north city wall. Cornelius noted signs of the city expanding. There were already a number of structures built on the wide plain north of the city as well as an army of workers building sections of a new perimeter wall. They soon reached the other side of the city and took the road that went to Bethany. When they arrived, Simon the leper was there to greet them. There was sadness in his eyes and Cornelius noted that his robe was ripped from the neck down. Then he can hear wailing cries from inside.

“What has happened, Simon?”

“My son, Lazarus, succumbed to his illness four days ago.”

“He is dead?! I grieve for you, my friend. He will be sorely missed,” Cornelius said as he placed his hand on Simon’s shoulder. “Where was Jesus?”

“We heard he was in the area of the Jordan River Valley. Probably still is, I think. We sent messengers to him but the master had not come. I just do not understand why.”

“I will go seek him out.” He and Cestus mounted their horses. “Jacob and some others will arrive here soon. Would you tell him to await for us here?”

“Of course.”


The story continues on in my next post.

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