THE FALLING OUT – Sea of GalileeCG-book-cover-w

It seemed that Cornelius had just closed his eyes to sleep when he was awakened by Cestus. The sky was still very dark.

“Sir! I am sorry to wake you, sir! But the follower, Simon, needs to speak to you. There seem to be some urgency, sir.”

Cornelius noted that Jacob and Trax were up rolling their blankets. “What is going on?” he asked.

Cestus gestured to where Simon and Matthew were standing. As he got up, Cestus started to roll his blanket as well, prompting him to surmise that something was up. Simon and Matthew approached him.

“The master has called us to leave this place as soon as possible!” Matthew said.

“Why? What has happened?”

It was Simon who answered, “He told Peter that, in the morning, the people will come to take him and declare him king. I am afraid that my former companions have been busy arousing the populace.”

“We must get Jesus away from here! If they force the crown on him, the governor will have no choice. He will be a hunted man.”

“He is already gone. According to Peter, he alone went up the mountain for solitude. Only Peter, John and James know to which his direction went. He commanded that we must be away from here before the morning. He also felt that you should go as well. We will guide you down to the beach by another path away from the multitudes.”

Simon led the way. Fortunately, the moon was out and bright enough for them not to use torches. He led them down a fairly steep ravine that eventually reached the beach about two miles from where they originally landed. Cornelius thought that they were going to work their way back to the boats, when to his surprise, he noticed that there were two boats already waiting for them. As he came closer, he saw that one of the boats was his. Peter approached them.

“Greetings again, Cornelius!”

“How is it that you were able to convince my men to bring my boat here?” Cornelius had to ask, for his men would not have taken orders from anyone else.

Cestus, who went ahead to the boat, called back, “I found them, sir! They were both trussed up and gagged!”

Cornelius faced Peter questioningly.

“Forgive me, Cornelius?” Peter sheepishly explained, “We reasoned that your men would not listen to reason. So, we silently jumped them.” Rubbing his sore jaw, he continued, “Please do not reprimand them. Your men did put up a good fight. It took all ten of us to disarm and tie them up.”

Andrew came up leading two women. Cornelius noted that his left eye had some bruising around it.

“No harm done and the boats are here,” though he may have to talk to his men, to reassure them that no honor is lost and so that they will not act out on their own.


The story continues on in my next post.

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