33 AD – Miraculous Sight – Bethany, Judeafaithful-encounters-cover-w

Joram silently went over a high wall of a villa in the village of Bethany. The occupants were hopefully sound asleep. He saw that there was a light shining through the third floor balcony. With limber agility, he easily climbed up to the third level. Taking a careful peek through the open door of the balcony, he was relieved to see Simon the Leper writing on a parchment under candle light.

“The last time I saw you, my old friend, you had no nose,” Joram said lightly.

Simon turned his head a little surprised, but as he recognized his intruder he humorously responded, “I thought the Romans had you in chains by now.”

“They almost caught me once or twice.” He gave a short laugh, then he paused and said, “I feel sorrow for you, my old friend… for the loss of your son.”

“Yes… Thank you…” They were quiet for a long while until finally Simon asked, “So, what has been happening with you?”

“Never mind me,” Joram said. He hesitatingly reached out to touch his face. “It is you that have a story to tell. Except for you, I have not heard of anyone who had escaped the fate of the lepers.”

So, Simon told him of how Jesus healed him. He spoke of his other miracles and teachings which to Joram was somewhat hard to comprehend. They talked the night hours away and just as the sky paled over the eastern hills, Simon confessed his utmost belief that this man Jesus is truly the Messiah. When they broke the night’s fast, Simon invited him to stay… and stay indeed for four days.


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