30 AD – Bethsaida, Sea of Galilee

They were just approaching their father’s house, both were carrying the long mast and the sail wrapped around it on their shoulders. Andrew, who was leading, saw Jesus sitting on the stoop of their house having a conversation with their father. When they saw them coming, the father excused himself and went inside. Jesus stood and waited for them.

They set the mast and sail against the side of the house. After which Andrew brought Simon to meet Jesus. But before he could make the introduction, Jesus went up to Simon, looked intently at Simon, and said, “Your name is Simon, son of John—but you will be called Peter.”

Before Simon can react, Jesus gave them a knowing smile and walked out the gate towards the town.


It was six hours before sunlight, when Simon Peter and Andrew rowed out unto the lake for some fishing. Four other boats went out with them, one of which was their partners, James and John.

Simon Peter casted the net into the cold water. As they started to pull in the nets, Simon Peter asked, “Where was your Messiah this early morn?”

“Oh, he went up to the hills. I followed him one night and asked him why does he come here? His answer was so that he could be alone with his father.”

Simon Peter mumbled to himself, “…be alone with his father! Ha! Who would his father be, I wonder?”

Andrew would not answer. He grew tired of arguing with him.

“Argh! Empty again!” Simon Peter said frustratingly. He looked over at where John and James were pulling up their nets. “Ho! James… any luck?”

“Not even one fish!”

“Come, let us set sail to the eastern end of the lake. We may have better luck there,” said Simon Peter.

But luck was not with them all night. Three hours after sunrise, both boats landed on the gravelly beach fronting the fish monger’s trading post. It was the only solid structure built right on the waterline where the fishermen’s catch are inspected and deals are made. As Simon Peter jumped out of the boat, he noticed a gathering crowd in and around the trading post.

“Why are there a lot of people here?” asked Simon Peter.

Andrew shrugged as he passed the nets to his brother who dipped them in the water and proceeded to wash them. And as he was doing so, the crowd started looking down the shoreline attracted by the sound of celebratory clapping and the high pitch ululating sound that women make with their tongues. Andrew climbed back on the boat and stood on the gunwale of the boat to get a better look. He saw another crowd of people coming towards them and in the midst of them was Jesus.

“It’s the rabbi, Jesus!”

Andrew jumped down from the boat and ran to the approaching crowd. People were calling out to him. There were a mixture of supplications from the crowd. They wanted to be healed. They wanted their lives to be good. Some asked if he was the one. Jesus continued on smiling, shaking their hands and occasionally picking up a child, laughing with them. The crowd started to press around some more until he could not progress further. Then Jesus, with Andrew in tow, worked his way towards their beached boat. Simon Peter was still vigorously washing the nets clearly ignoring his approach. Jesus climbed unto his boat.

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