Sketching from the Neck Up #2

Waiting for an Order


It was just one of those days, as I was heading home, when I noticed a group of young people waiting on the sidewalk with their bicycles. They all wore the deep pink shirt uniforms of the delivery service of Foodpanda. This was evident from the bulky insulated delivery boxes strapped on the back ends of their bicycles which also were colored a deep pink with a big smiling smiling panda. I have been noticing a lot of them lately through out Bonifacio Global City. According to their website, Foodpanda is the leading global online food delivery marketplace. They have provided users to conveniently discover food around their neighbourhood and directly order their favourite meals online or via their mobile phones. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, they operate in more than 40 countries across 5 continents. In the Philippines, foodpanda was launched in June 2014 and has since grown to over 1,000 partner restaurants nationwide. [Click here to check out their website]

Anyway, these guys and a gal had their noses in their cell phones. My guess was, they were waiting for orders or playing games. I asked my companion to get his own cell phone out and take a quick picture (after I asked permission, of course).

When I got home, I went straight to work on my Photoshop program. The subject I chose was a young man sitting on the sidewalk with his bicycle propped up behind him. I decided to keep this illustration simple. The first thing I did was cropped out the subject I wanted to focus on. Then, I made the picture go transparent about 50%. After which, I more or less free handed the outline which started out rough. Then, I re-did the outline with cleaner lines. From there, I implemented some Photoshop magic and got the results that I was looking for. The final touch was the pink color of both the bag and the rider’s shirt.

Foodpanda anybody? Enjoy!

An Alleyway Somewhere in EuropeEU-alley-with-steps-w.jpg

Because of my spinal condition, the chances of me ever going to Europe is realistically quite slim. But I am not really depressed about it. I thank the Lord for Google Earth where sometimes I can spend hours touring different parts of the world. One of the features that I appreciate about Google Earth is that contributors had posted thousands upon thousands of photographs of their travels; a great number of which I saved. Well, I was going over those pictures to pick my next drawing exercise. One picture jumped out at me. It was a picture of a quaint alleyway with brick steps going up. Unfortunately, I am not exactly sure where this picture was shot. But I remember was that this place was somewhere in a village in Eastern Europe.


This drawing was somewhat a challenge. The photograph was in low resolution and somewhat pixelated. Drawing the outline was a little time-consuming but I managed to get it done in about three hours. In the original photo, it was empty of people. So, I sketched in a man up the alley. All in all, the outline looked good and this gave me inspiration to play with different mediums. Photoshop have a neat filter feature called the Paint Daubs that I wanted to experiment with. It looked pretty good. I wish I could have painted it myself but Photoshop gets all the credit.


In my next drawing, I used the outline and super imposed it over another image of a brown crumpled parchment. I then applied Photoshop’s charcoal filter and then finished it with light shadows.

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Thank you.

Sketching from the Neck Up #1

The Interactive Statuette


In my world of being a quadriplegic, I have developed an aesthetic appreciation of my surroundings. I look at an object and say to myself, “that would make a good sketch!” I thought about trying to teach myself to sketch and paint using my mouth. After all, there are many PWD artists out there who do exactly that. However, most of those artists have enough muscles in their backs to support their heads, so that they can beautifully manipulate pencils/brushes to create fantastic masterpieces. Here lies my dilemma. Even if I can hold a pencil in my mouth, I am unable to execute the right pencil strokes for sketching. I hated the thought that I could not sketch. Fortunately, by God’s grace, there is a digital solution for me.

One day, a social media penpal of mine from Norway posted a picture of a snow clad tree that I liked. I opened up my Photoshop program and using my camera mouse setup, I proceeded to manually sketch the tree. When I say “manually”, I mean I tried my darndest to avoid using Photoshop’s magical features that automatically transform a photograph into a sketched out drawing. Okay, I cheated just a little.

Anyway, after a number of practice runs, another idea popped into my head to publish my sketches/illustrations into my blog titled “Sketching from the Neck Up”. In fact, that title was actually coined by my wife, Mavis, who is a genius in this kind of thing. As my first subject, I focused on a statuette that I noticed a bunch of little kids having so much fun with. It was a concrete interactive statuette of an oversized chameleon perched on a black boulder. I called it interactive mainly because built on the chameleon sides and tail are almost 400 little rollers each of which had 4 color facets (green, yellow, blue and red). A nearby teacher of the kids would call out saying that the chameleon is standing by a specific fruit like an apple or a banana. She would ask what color would the chameleon be and the kids would laughingly turn each of the multicolored rollers to either red or yellow. This statuette can be found at the 28th Terra Park, Bonifacio Global City. Come and check it out for yourself. Be a kid again and enjoy.

PWD – person with disability


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