Salvation Series by JQuisumbing

Death is a reality that we all have to face sooner or later. But the way folks live their lives, death seems so far away. Dying is not really forefront in most people’s minds, especially for the young. However, time does not stop and the young will soon become older.

Now, according to the United Nations, they have estimated that the global average life expectancy is around 70-80 years. For myself, I have already passed the halfway mark. If you asked me, ‘Am I ready to die?’, what would I say? I can truly and humbly say “YES!” In fact, at the tail end of 2015, I did face death. What I faced was an extremely risky surgery in my neck; specifically my cervical spine. My wife tearfully related to me that it would be a touch and go procedure where the outcome could easily go very bad.* Incredibly enough, I had no fear. You see, as a believer of Christ, I knew then and know now what awaits me after I cast off this mortal shell. I am ready but I know of others that are not.

(* This story, ‘Becoming Paralyzed’, can be found in my blog. Please use links below.)

I have relatives and friends who are literally at the doorsteps of death. I would love to share with them what the Lord had done for me, but yet they would not let me. So, I hope and pray that they would listen to the voice of one who had already crossed over, Billy Graham.

Billy Graham was an American evangelist and according to the Oxford University Press, he was “among the most influential Christian leaders” of the 20th century. In his final days, he had a deep desire to preach one more time. This is his last message—recorded in his North Carolina, mountaintop home. It is titled: Are you ready to die? I pray that you will be inspired and live with the Lord in eternal life.

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