Sketching from the Neck Up #7

Reclining at the Park


I just made a discovery. I spent sometime at the park under the shade of a tree. I was on my electric wheelchair. Ok… you want specifics. I spent sometime at the park on my Quantum 6 Edge power chair with its upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) which means I can have a smooth, comfortable ride and advanced stability. This is the same chair that (by the Lord’s grace) all the proceeds were raised by the generosity of family, my church, close friends and those that I will not call strangers anymore. Would you believe that it took 5 months to raise the funds? Anyway, back to my discovery.

My Quantum 6 Edge power chair with its upgraded SRS has an electric reclining feature which allows me to lay back and sun-bathe… which is not a good idea since I burn easily. But that is not the discovery. I really like reclining under that tree… and watch the leaves move on the breeze. I have to do it again. Of course, I have to stay out of the way of the joggers.

Anyone want to join me.


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Thank you.