Prolonged bed rest often leads to Vertigo

Since I am bedridden most of the time, I have been experiencing a lot more vertigo. I mean roller-coaster up and down type dizziness. This usually occurs when my caregiver turns me on my side, sits me up and lifts me to my chair. Frankly, I kinda enjoy it a little. It is like being in a thrill ride. However, there are times when the room start to spin a little too violently that I feel like throwing up. By God’s grace, that does not happen very often. Lately, though, vertigo had invaded my dream world. Of course, my wife told me because I’ve been watching TV shows of extreme rollercoaster with steep gutt-dropping drops.

In some ways, going mobile on my own will probably get me more out of the extended prone position and into an active living condition. For now though, I actually depend on a tiny gadget that I got through Amazon. Oh, how I love my gadgets.

prism glasses.png

While I was in my hospital room, I learned to hate constantly staring up at the stark ceiling. Even upto today, staring at the ceiling can be dizzying especially when I wake up. Then I purchased a set of prism glasses online for less than $5. From a prone position, I can watch TV. It’s like I’m sitting down. So, every night I sleep with these glasses on.

Again, I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragements.

Until the next post,

Johann Q

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