Sketching from the Neck Up #16

Wagons, Ho!


When I did this drawing of a very old covered wagon (minus the cover), I was reminded of an old TV western series called “Wagon Train” (1957-1965). Anybody remember that black & white series? Well, I was watching it back in the 1960s. Phew, I am old! I used to fantasize going on a wagon train fighting ‘renegade injuns’ and outlaws. What is funny is that in every episode, the lead characters, the gritty eyed John McIntire and Robert Fuller would drive a long train of covered wagons from Missouri to California. Imagine that! Every 48 minute episode, our trail blazing heroes would lead an intrepid group of pioneers through grassy plains, deserts, and then over the Rocky Mountains. In reality, a wagon drawn by either 2 horses or oxens filled with all their earthly belongings and supplies can travel about a mile per hour. Keep in mind that family members usually walked, not ride most of the time. So, a wagon train of about a hundred would take 5-8 months for them to traverse 5 states.

Believe it or not, I actually found a number of episodes in Youtube. Of course, my drawing is probably one of those wagons that didn’t make it to the west. Like I said before, I like drawing this kind of stuffs. The photo was a little pixelated but I played with it on Photoshop and brought the clarity up enough for me to sketch it out.

Well, as the wagon train leader would say to get going, “Wagons, ho!”


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