Sketching from the Neck Up #11

Beauty in Dilapidation


When I used to cross country the United States in my hay days, we would encounter all form of dilapidation like ghost towns, abandoned structures, rusty vehicles, etc. In my artist eye, seeing decay and things in disrepair was not depressing to me. I see beauty. I love them. Of course, I’m referring to natural dilapidation. I find that I still appreciate things like that. When I found a photograph of an old abandoned overgrown village house at the end of a dirt road, I had to sketch it.

In this drawing, I really wanted to show details like the rotting tiles of the roof and brush growths around it. I took my sweet time on this one. After I sketched out the lines, I applied the Photoshop function which gave it a charcoal look. But what Photoshop usually produce is always lacking. So, I had to clean it up and add more shadow.

I hope you like the results.


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Thank you.

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