Sketching from the Neck Up #8

Django @ M-O-M


This Saturday, I would like to invite you to join me at Mara’s Organic Market (M-O-M). Oops! M-O-M is actually Mara’s ORIGINAL Market now. It’s located where 3rd Avenue and 25th Street converge unto De Jesus Oval (BGC, Taguig) with a green park in the middle of it. I want you to meet Django Valmores who I always jokingly refer to as the displaced Prince of Boracay.

When at M-O-M’s and you hear a symphony of tribal drums in the breezy air, that is Django. He and a group of enthusiasts are usually tapping away on stretched bovine skin drums… made by him. You see… Django is craft leather worker and in my humble opinion, a very good one. But don’t take my word for it, check out his table at the market.

My sketch subject is a composite of drawings of Django himself and his crafts. By the way, that is also Django dancing at the background with a native metal drum or gong.

See you all Saturday.


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Thank you.

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