Sketching from the Neck Up #6



Last Saturday, I drove my powerchair almost six blocks from my place to where 3rd Avenue and 25th Street converge unto an oval with a green park in the middle of it. I’m afraid my poor companion had to ‘hoof’ it a bit as I was going about 3-4 miles an hour. Anyway, that Saturday (& on every Saturday hence) the oval driveway is cordoned off to allow an open-air market. But it’s just not another bazaar. This market was something I was hoping for since I was hospitalized and permanently moved here to Bonifacio Global City. This particular market is organized by a very good friend of almost 25 years. Her name is Mara Pardo de Tavera and her advocacy is bringing organic/natural products to us. She is actually the one that started the first organic market in Manila. When I was still ambulatory, I was a frequent goer. And now, she has set up shop here. Happy days for me and organic lovers of BGC.

I encourage folks to come by on Saturday to shop, talk and mingle. You’ll find organic produce, craft products from natural materials, and ready-to-take-home prepared meals. There is music and of course, Mara who is always willing to impart her lore of good healthy food.

For my sketch subject, I decided to do a composite of some of the products you can find at Mara’s Organic Market (M-O-M). Hope to see ya there.


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Thank you.

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