Sketching from the Neck Up #4

Boodle-ing Away


Boodlers is such a funny word. The dictionary defined a boodler as one (especially a politician) who seeks or receives a bribe or other illicit payment. In other words, a boodler is a political grafter. It is also a 19th century baseball slang of a person displaying unsportsmanlike behavior. In addition, the root word ‘boodle’ is also defined ‘the lot, pack, or crowd’.

Well, once a week, I enjoy meeting with a ‘pack’ of bikers (the peddling types) for breakfast who call themselves “Boodlers & Bikers Club”. No! They are NOT political grafters. Though they do have a lot to say about politics. They are actually a bicycling club of mostly fun loving retirees who love to eat hearty breakfasts and talk a variety of popular topics. What first attracted me to them was their neat little bikes. They all rode Bromptons which are cool British-made folding bikes with their characteristic tiny wheels. I always loved it how they parked their Bromptons with the back tires folded tightly into the frames. The club partakes in community events throughout the country. One of their latest escapades was a fun ride somewhere way up north of Manila.

My sketch subject is made up from 2 photos. The foreground is a boodler who rode her Brompton at an event. In the background is the group happily lounging and planning for their next adventure… down south somewhere.

If you want a Brompton yourself click here.


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