Sketching from the Neck Up #3

Phone Booth in the Countryside


I truly appreciate the many photographers throughout the world that have contributed their work in the internet. I found an e-magazine that featured 40 of the “Most Beautiful Pictures of Villages around the World”. Of course, I could not help saving several landscape photographs that would make neat sketch/illustration subjects. Today’s subject is an English country landscape. How did I know it was English? Check out the only distinctive RED object across the country lane from the village church. That is clearly a phone booth, which is rarely seen these days, except maybe in England.

So, I thought how neat would this illustration be if I included an English phone booth in the foreground. I found a good photograph and sketched it out into an illustration. I have to say, I had fun with this project. By the way, if anyone recognizes this English village, please email me back, so that I can pinpoint it in Google Earth.


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Thank you.

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