33 AD – The Last Supper – Jerusalem, Judeafaithful-encounters-cover-w

“Demacli, look!” Elpida relunctantly disturbed him. When he stood, she pointed toward the western gate. “Those two men walking to the gate. I recognize one of them.”

Demacli easily spotted the two men she was pointing at. They were struggling against the flow of people coming through the western gate. He recognized both of them to be members of the chosen Twelve. One of them was named Philip.

Demacli and the other Greeks headed toward the western gates. With the crowd impeding their progress, it took some minutes to reach the gates, but by that time, the two disciples had already gone down the western stairs. They pursued after them. When they reached the bottom of the Temple Mount, they came upon a wide plaza. Demacli looked left and right but could not see them. The left was the city perimeter wall, a dead end. To the right, across a deep gully was an entire city of tightly clustered houses against a steep slope.

Demacli was not liking the idea of getting lost in there. He then looked straight ahead and saw another part of the city that was closer. His wife told him that it was named the City of David. The structures were grander there than those houses at the east. He decided to take the chance and headed toward it.

As they entered the city’s porticos, his choice to come this way was rewarded when he saw Philip talking to another before a three story structure. He approached the disciple by himself.

“Sir,” Demacli said bowing to him, “we… that is, we are Greeks from the free cities, would like to see Jesus.”

Philip looked at him curiously.

“You do not recognize me, do you, sir?”

“Of course! Now, I recall,” Philip said.

“A group of us from Hippus have come in search of him.”

Philip looked up at the building then smiled and said, “Well, your timing is not fortuitous. For this is the time of the Passover Meal. You wait down here while I go up and ask.”

Demacli watched Philip disappear into the house. Several minutes had past when Philip reappeared at the double doors of the house and happily gestured for all of them to enter.

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