33 AD – Sabbath Anointment – Bethany, Judeafaithful-encounters-cover-w

It had been a month since they all had witnessed Lazarus, dead for four days, being brought back to life by Jesus. The great city and the surrounding environs are still talking about it. Joanne who had been staying in the house of young Mary’s family in Bethany is standing on the front stoop expectantly waiting for her husband who had sent a message of his arrival from Herod’s palace in Perea.

Then, the gate bell was rung and a servant goes to open the gates. Chuza enters followed by two porters. Joanne went to him and greeted him.

“Is he here?” asked Chuza

“No… not yet,” said Joanne. “What is wrong?”

” I have news concerning him.”

Then she heard the front doors open. She glanced back to find Simon coming out followed by Martha and Lazarus.

“Welcome to our home, Chuza, high chamberlain of Herod Antipas.”

“Peace be upon this house,” said Chuza, giving the traditional greeting.

“And peace be upon you.” Simon returned.

“I have been an admirer of your business exploits for sometime now,” said Chuza. “When I heard that my wife Joanne was here staying with you, I was delighted.”

“The Lord had been generous,” Simon said contemplatively. “Please… come inside.”

Just inside the antechamber, a servant waited holding a towel, a jar of water and an empty basin. Chuza ritually removed his sandals while the servant laid the basin before him. Chuza hiked up his robe and hovered his right foot over the basin. The servant was about to pour water but Joanne stopped him. He passed the towel and jar to her. She gets down to her knees and pours water on his foot. She wiped his foot with the towel and then repeated the process on his other foot. When she stood up, she found Chuza looking at her with a surprised look.
An hour later, Jesus and his entourage arrived. When they were all settled, Joanne went to Simon Peter and asked if she can meet with Jesus. After the evening meal, they gathered privately. In the room was Simon, Jesus, Simon Peter, Andrew, John, Chuza and herself.

“Rabbi, several members of the Sanhedrin and from the priesthood arrived at the fortress of Machaerus some days ago. They met with Antipas with a message from the High Priest. I was not there on the initial meeting but when I was summoned, I came upon in the middle of them plotting to have you seized and put to death.

“They fear of your influence on the people… losing their place of respect and honor among them. They spoke of the people declaring you king and there would be outright revolt against the Romans and even themselves.

“They have set watch for you at the upcoming Passover Festival. They dare not arrest you in the open. So, they seek an opportune time. They have even placed out a reward for your betrayal.”

After the meeting, Simon Peter had sent John and another disciple to Jerusalem. John was related to the family of the High Priest. It was hoped that he could gather more news of their plot. Joanne did note that though Simon Peter and the others showed a deep concern, Jesus reflected a calm demeanor.


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