32 AD – Guess Who’s Coming For Lunch – Jericho, Jordan River Valleyfaithful-encounters-cover-w

Zacchaeus saw that the crowd was working their way away from the north gate. Apparently, Jesus and his followers decided not to enter Jericho and instead go around it. He so wanted to get a closer look at him. He had an idea. He with his bodyguard sprinted back into the city. He ran straight to the city’s western gate where he hoped to get ahead of the procession. Fortunately, he got there before Jesus got there. However, there was even a larger crowd waiting for him. There was no way he’d be able to look over the crowd’s shoulders. Then he spotted a sycamore-fig tree where it overlooked the road. He quickly went over to it. With a leg up by his companion, Zacchaeus managed to climb up to a large branch where he had a good vantage point over the road and an ever growing crowd.

As his feet dangled, he realized that he probably looked ridiculous and by the snickering glances of many of those that recognized him, they were thinking it too. He heard a few snide remarks but then their attention was diverted by the shouts of excitement coming their way. Zacchaeus saw a large body of people coming from the north. People were jumping up and had their hands up in the air clapping to celebratious music. Then, he saw him and knew right away that it was Jesus. He was in the middle of twelve or so men keeping the crowd from swamping him. Many of the crowd were gleefully shouting to him and many were calling him, ‘Son of David’. It was so catching, that even Zacchaeus was chanting the Messiah title at the top of his voice.

When Jesus and his companions were just below him, he stopped quite abruptly so much so that those behind him were bumping to each other. Zacchaeus then stopped his chanting guiltily thinking that he did something wrong.

He started whispering to himself, “Please don’t look up! Please don’t look up!”

Then, to his shock, Jesus turned to look straight up at him and laughed. But it was not a laugh of cruelty and ridicule, but instead like someone laughing with a long lost friend. Then Jesus happily called up to him by name.

“Zacchaeus,” laughed Jesus. “Come down immediately. I must stay at your house today.” [Luke 19:5]

Zacchaeus’ heart burst with joy. With the help of Jesus’ followers, he scrambled down the tree as quick as he could, jumping the last three feet. Jesus greeted him with a fond hand on his shoulder.

“Come, my friend, show us the way to your home,” said Jesus smiling.

“Gladly… Lord,” Zacchaeus said gratefully.

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