32 AD – Guess Who’s Coming For Lunch – Jericho, Jordan River Valleyfaithful-encounters-cover-w

At the banks of the Jordan River, the Baptist spoke of the Messiah and the promise of forgiveness. After the reported death of the Baptist, stories of a wandering rabbi and healer trickled down from the north. A particular story of a tax collector becoming one of the rabbi’s closest disciples, intrigued Zacchaeus to a point that he almost went to Galilee himself. But his business life kept delaying his departure until it finally drove it out of his mind.

Zacchaeus’ carriage entered through the gates of his home, one of three villas on a small hill of several hills within the city. There were two other carriages and their slaves lounging around the outer courtyard. He cringed a little for he knew he had visitors.
The next day, the city was awake early with the buzz of news that Jesus of Nazareth, the healing rabbi from the north was close to the city. Even in the aloof neighborhood of the rich, the news had stirred interest. Zacchaeus was so elated, he left his villa in a rush and on foot with only one bodyguard to accompany him. He quickly worked his way through the rich neighborhood until he saw a small crowd and followed them to the city square where they joined an even larger throng of milling city folk. His bodyguard was concerned that the people would recognize Zacchaeus and turn on them. He was noticed many times but the people were so focused at the imminent closeness of the miracle worker, they paid him no mind, at least, for the moment.

Then, there was excitement coming from outside the city. Zacchaeus and some of crowd worked their way out the gates. The crowd outside was watching something happening, but he could not see over the shoulders of the people. Then he heard some of the people calling over the crowd.

“What is happening? What is going on?”

“The Nazarene… he called over a beggar to him.”

“It’s Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus!”

“Who is he?”

“It’s the blind beggar that always sat by the north road.”

“What was the shouting?”

“It was Bartimaeus… he was calling out to the Nazarene. He was shouting, ‘Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!’ He kept shouting it over and over until the Nazarene called him over.” [Mark 10:46-52]

Then there were shouts of excitement.

“He can see! The blind man can see. He healed him!” The story was spreading like wild fire and speculations of who he is was spreading even more.


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