How the donation money is going to be spent

Someone asked, “how is the donation money going to be spent?”

Switch It VersaGuide 2.pngBecause my hands/arms don’t work, I need to use chin controls. I found the VersaGuide EZ Light-touch compact proportional control from [pls refer to image]. This controller with a mount that goes around a user’s neck is about $2000.

For an electric wheelchair, I needed one that had more stability [preferably something that will not easily topple backward] than a four wheel chair. I found 1 possibility – the Quickie Pulse 6 Mid Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair which is about $5000.

Quickie Pulse 6.png

The balance of the donations will cover (hopefully) shipping costs to the Philippines.

Of course, I am still canvassing for better prices.

If you are willing to help me go mobile, please click on link below.

Again, I greatly appreciate everyone’s donation especially since I feel I am not that deserving of it. Thank you again.


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